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18/07/2013, "AGRICULTURAL AUGUST" TRAVELS FROM CHANIA TO MUNICH The famous Cretan food exhibition will take place July 19-22

The famous exhibition “Agricultural August”, that aims promoting quality Cretan products, will be held - for the first time - in Munich, during July 19 to 22, to show off the island’s best!

The Agricultural August - which is an annual event organized by the Municipality of Chania in cooperation with the region of Crete, the regional section of Chania and the Commercial-Industrial Chamber of Chania - will take place at Das Schloss exhibition centre (Schwere- Reiter- Str. 15, 806 37) and the exhibition will be open from Friday, July 19 until Monday, July 22 and time 11.00 am to 22.00 pm.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by representative of the Municipality of Munich and the Mayor of Chania Mr. Manolis Skoulakis, at Friday July 19 and time 19.00 pm and the ceremony will be held by the Episcopal Commissioner of Bavaria. Thereafter, a Cretan musical evening will be held in Das Schloss centre with the cooperation of the Cretan Association Munich.

According to Mayor of Chania, Mr. Manolis Skoulakis, who leads the Cretan delegation in Munich, "Agricultural August is a great food festival, which will give the opportunity to German to experience and taste the famous Cretan diet and high quality local products”.

"The exhibition also, highlights and promotes the Cretan quality products, designated as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) as well as the organic products. Our main goal is not only to bring the flavors of Crete in Germany but also to guide the foreign consumers through original tastes of Crete and create an experience based on the originality of our people”.

“This is an alternative way for German consumers to get to know better our island and its people – through food and agriculture products. What better way to explore, introduce and get acquainted with the people of Crete other than exploring our world-renowned products?” says Mr. Skoulakis.

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