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24/07/2013, The Municipality of Chania operates the Social School for Educational Support for a second year in a row.

The Municipality of Chania aiming to support the weak students with socio-economic difficulties; collaborates with the Association of teachers of secondary education who own private educational centers and implements the continuation of the “Social School”.

“Our effort during the previous school year was awarded with great success, whilst we gave the opportunity to numerous students of secondary education to be supported from the private educational centers of our city” reported today, on Wednesday 24th July 2013, the City Mayor of Chania, Manolis Skoulakis, after the signing of the contract between the Municipality of Chania and the Association of Owners of Private Educational Centers.

Mr. Skoulakis added that the institution of “Social School” comforts economically the families of many students since it removes a significant economical burden during the years of the crisis, which affects all the aspects of our everyday lives.

Furthermore, the Vice Mayor of Social Policy, Xrysoula Xatzidaki informed that the offered places for the Social School are fifty, from which sixteen are provided for students who are going to attend the classes during the school year 2013- 14. “The institution of the Social School demonstrates sensitivity and social solidarity while providing students with free of charge classes, a selfless and significant offer, especially during the crisis”, stated Ms. Xatzidaki, adding that students who are about to take the National Exams this year will be given the greatest attention.




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