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22/07/3013, Municipality of Chania: “Free of charge training seminar of professional counseling for unemployed”

The Office of Information and Promotion of Employment of the Municipality of Chania, organized free of charge training seminar of professional counseling from Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th of August 2013, aiming to develop the professional skills of unemployed young people and help them prepare more efficiently for the opportunities but also the demands of the labor market. The seminar was open for young professionals who are about to enter the labor market and unemployed people with age limit the 30 years.

According to the General Secretary of the Municipality of Chania and Administrator of the Office of Information and Promotion of Employment Gavriil Kouris: “The program gave the trainees the opportunity- through specially designed experiential seminars- to address issues on job search techniques, the preparation for job interviews and the writing of resumes and cover letters. Furthermore, the trainees practiced on subjects related to the efficiency of communication, ability to cooperate, capabilities and opportunities of the new technologies whilst a special subject was related to the great potentials of e- business”.

The particular seminar which is part of a wider spectrum of initiatives and actions taken by the Municipality of Chania for the effective counseling support of the unemployed was characterized by an innovative approach, as the Office Administrator Mr. Kouris stated. “Regarding this seminar, were included many instructors, experiential techniques relating to cooperation which are consistent to the Educating Principles for Adults that help trainees activate, contributing to the development of their skills and knowledge as well as their experiences in a business level.




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