Mayor’s Message

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the Municipality of Souda, where the most important ancient city-state of west Crete is located, as well as one of the most beautiful villages, "Tsikalaria" and the largest natural port of the Mediterranean.


The geographical position of the port of Souda is of great importance for the development of our region and assigns a crucial political and economical role to the municipality, in Greece, in Europe and internationally. The port of Souda is multifunctional as it is used for commercial, tourist, transportation, fishery, athletic, educational and other purposes. For this reason, it is a vehicle of development in our municipality.


Considering these facts, in the framework of modern development politics that respect the environment and estimate the economic and social potential of the region, the municipality of Souda is working towards the creation of a development program around the axes of PORT- INDUSTRY PARK-ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES.


The local community is sharing our visions for economic growth, self-administration and development, participating in our efforts. In order to achieve our goals, it is necessary to constantly perform requirement analysis and to evaluate different proposals and requests, in search of new ideas that will benefit our municipality in total.


In this framework, we created this portal and we use the internet to better communicate and service our citizens and people from all over the world, and to be updated on recent developments on issues that concern the development of the region.


Enjoy your visit!

The Mayor of Souda

Ioannis Perakis