Industry Park and Art Village

Next to the national road, in the region of Tsikalaria, there is the Industry Park and the art village. The industry park of Chania( ΒΙΟ. ΠΑ. Χ.) was constructed in1993, seven kilometers east from the city of Chania, in the municipal district of Tsikalaria (municipality of Souda). It consists of 87 buildings, where small industries are hosted in an area of 112.000 square meters.


The art village is located between Souda and Tsikalaria, at the west entrance of Chania. There are several remains of the ceramic-pot factories and ovens in the village, when pot-making was a popular activity and a local product.


Today, in the same village, several ceramic, sculpture, weaving, and leather workshops are functioning, as well as gold, glass and semi-valuable stone processing workshops. All the products are hand-made at the art village from the artists that sell them, continuing the long tradition of handcrafting industry in the region.


The village was named "Verekynthos" after the mountain "Verekynthos", where "Ideoi", the sons of the great God Zeus, lived and were worshiped as the protectors of the arts. According to traditions, they came here and taught the ancient arts to the people (metal and glass processing, ceramics, weaving).


The art village "Verekynthos", is a work of vital importance for Chania. Not only it provides new opportunities to professional and amateur artists, but it also provides solid solutions to sensitive issues, such as the accommodation, organization and exhibition of such art activities.


The co-existence of different handicraft industries in the area of the art village actively contributes to the efforts for the protection and promotion of cultural values and practices, and the art traditions of the region.



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Industry Park of Chania
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