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5/9/03, Χαιρετισμός του Δημάρχου Χανίων στο συνέδριο της OPTICON

Ο Δήμαρχος Χανίων Κυριάκος Βιρβιδάκης στα πλαίσια του συνεδρίου της OPTICON (Optical Coordination Committee for astronomy) 4-9-2003 έως 5-9-2003 στο Εμπορικό Επιμελητήριο Χανίων, πραγματοποίησε τον παρακάτω χαιρετισμό: Mr Chairman, Members of the board of OPTICON, Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all in Hania. As mayor of Chania, I thank you for accepting our city’s Chamber of Commerce invitation to have your meeting here. We are all very proud for having the top Astronomers of Europe in our town over the next couple of days. Astronomy is ,probably ,the oldest field of Natural Sciences starting with the pre-historical era and continues over the ages. A few names from the past that come into mind are Euclid, Thales, Aristarchos, Ptolemeous, Kopernikos,Galileo, Kepler,Evelius, Newton . It is also worth mentioning that many astronomical phenomena such as an eclipse, a comet e.t.c attract the attention of millions whose field has nothing to do with astronomy. It is therefore completely understood the interest of the European Union in your work and also completely justifiable the generous budget with which the European Union funds OPTICON. By the way is there any truth to what we read on the papers and on T.V that an asteroid man hit our planet? Once again I welcome you all, I wish you a productive meeting and success in your goals and believe me that as a member of the International Medical Community, I can realize the value of such working meetings, last but not least do have a pleasant stay in Hania.

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